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Halloween: The Haunted History Of Beekeeping
Via Historical Honeybee Articles - Beekeeping History

Pumpkin was Possessed by Bees!  

Caldwell, N. J. 1921. - Ted Farrand is a building inspector and an amateur pumpkin raiser. After the frost three nights ago he went out to the garden and selected a sixty-pounder which he brought into the kitchen.

"There's a little bit of a hole in this, Mary," He said to his wife. "I'm afraid it won't keep. So you'd better make some pies."

Well, it was along toward noon before Mrs. Farrand got around to it. By that time the big orange thing was all warmed up to the temperature of the kitchen, which was like that of the garden in August. She slipped a knife through the pumpkin and a swarm of bees flew


They flew all over the kitchen and all over Mrs. Farrand. She got allot of stings before she escaped and the bees flew out the window, and some of the marks of the stingers will be visible even when she is dressed for church next Sunday. Then all the congregation will know the story.

When the pumpkin was more closely examined after the departure of the bees it was found to contain nothing but honey. The Pies were great!

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