Have a Happy Thanksgiving with Honey!

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*15 Honey-Inspired Recipes for a Sweet Thanksgiving from the National Honey Board. "This is a big week in homes across America – it's Thanksgiving week! The beginning of the holiday entertaining season, we are all looking forward to either welcome family and friends into our home, or traveling to someone else's house for the holiday. It's an exciting time of year when we get to spend quality time with loved ones who we may not have seen for days, weeks, months or even years. Thanksgiving is also known for being one of the most delicious holidays, because nothing brings families together like food.

As we prepare our menus – filled with creamy mashed potatoes, perfectly caramelized sweet potatoes, buttery rolls and, of course, a succulent turkey – we want to remind of how honey can take your holiday menu to the next level. With its many benefits, honey is truly the one ingredient that enhances every part of your menu, from breakfast and beverages to side dishes, desserts and even the main event. We've got everything you need to plan your entire turkey day and it stars our favorite ingredient – honey!

If you're anything like us, the Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks off your Thanksgiving holiday (fun fact – the parade will be celebrating *90 years of entertaining families across the nation this year). This means that the family is rising and shining bright and early, and when they come to the kitchen, greet them with a delicious breakfast. Our Honey Blueberry Bread with Cream Cheese Swirl and Honey Bacon-Cheddar Scones are two great options because they can both be made the night before, meaning no extra kitchen time for you.

Whether you have a full house, or company coming over early to chat as you prepare the big meal, you'll want to have some appetizers on hand to keep their hungry bellies and sticky fingers at bay. Why not set out at tray of crispy Butternut Squash and Pomegranate Crostini with Whipped Feta and Honey or gooey Honey and Nut Glazed Brie? No matter which you choose, your guests will be happily occupied.

Are our guests thirsty? Mix up a batch of our Vineyard Pitcher Punch (which could also be served in a bowl for easy serving) for the adults, and for the kids, a lovely Sparkling Honey Fruit Spritzer will do quite nicely.

Now we're on to the big meal, full of delectable side dishes and a moist, juicy bird. Did you know that honey more than just sweetens dishes? It also acts as a flavor balancer and enhancer, an emulsifier for sauces and marinades, and will even help you lock moisture into your holiday turkey. Here are some of our favorite honey-inspired side dishes that will be hitting our Thanksgiving table:

As for the main event, we're cooking up our delectable Roast Turkey with Honey Cranberry Relish. Looking to feed a smaller party? We've also got a tasty Honey-Glazed Game Hen.

Now what is Thanksgiving without a pie, or two (or maybe even three)? That's right, we've got three delicious pies that will impress your guests! Did you know that apple pie is the most popular pie served on Thanksgiving? Well we've got a winner in our Queen Bee Apple Pie! And how can you have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? You have go to try our Honey Pumpkin Pie. And just for fun, we've also get a wonderful Cranberry Pecan Pie. You can be sure that none of your guests will leave hungry.

Even though the holidays get a little crazy with all of the running around, scheduling, house guests and cooking, let us all remember what we are most thankful for this year. Here's to a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!"

*Repost from the National Honey Board (November 21, 2016):

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