Happy Halloween!

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Bill's Bees HoneyStix

Trick or Treat with a Healthy, Happy, Tasty, Treat Kids Love To Eat! HoneyStix! from Bill's Bees!.

Bill’s Bees HoneyStix are convenient straws filled with pure honey. We offer Floral Honey Varieties, HoneyStix Natural Flavored Varieties, and HoneyStix Gourmet Flavored, over 20 different varieties to choose from. 

HoneyStix are the best sweet, healthy, tasty treat! They’re great for snacks or a quick energy pick-me-up! Pack them in your kid’s lunch, pop them in your backpack, keep a package in your car, or your drawer at work. Bill ran a marathon with a fist full of HoneyStix - 1 stick evey 2 miles. Honey is an excellent source of healthy energy and are rich in amino acids, antioxidents, vitamins, and minerals. Sweeten your tea, drizzle over cereal, yogurt, or baked good. Squeeze the delicious honey straight from the straw into your mouth! 

To open, just snip one end of the straw, or, pinch one end of the straw between your thumb and pointer, hold the honey stix so the edge is vertical, and bite down with your back teeth. Then squeeze the honey out and – enjoy! 

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