Beeswax and Candles

It all begins with the bees – and the flowers.

Honey bees gather nectar and carry it back to the hive. Young house bees take the nectar from the forager honey bees and consume some of it to produce beeswax. This beeswax is secreted by glands between the belly segments of the bees and is extruded as flakes. The bees then take these flakes and shape and form them into the honeycomb. The rest of the nectar collected is deposited in the honeycomb and processed into honey. When the honeycomb cells are full, the bees seal the honey in the comb with a beeswax cap. We harvest beeswax when these full, capped frames of honey are harvested and brought back to our honey house where we use a knife to slice the cappings off the comb to extract the honey. The cappings fall into a bucket to be saved for later use.

The cappings wax is the beeswax we use in all our candles, soaps, lip balm, and lotion bars. Where the bees forage and the nectar they collect determines the color of the wax and the scent of the candle. Our honey bees forage in the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California on a variety of native plants and wildflowers. Bill’s Bees 100% pure beeswax candles have a soft golden yellow beeswax color with a pleasant, subtly sweet, aroma. Beeswax candles burn longer and with a warmer, more yellow color flame.

Beeswax is the original 'wax' from ancient times. Authentic beeswax candles require no processing, contain no additives, pesticides, or other chemicals; do not emit black smoke, and provide a clean burn with little or no drip. We do not use soy or paraffin; nor bleach, alcohol, or fragrance in our candles. We use 100% Pure Cotton Braided Wicks. Beeswax emits an abundance of negative ions into the air when burning which, like after a rain, washes the air clean.

Bill’s Bees 100% Pure Beeswax Candles are made in house at our Bill’s Bees facility. 100% pure beeswax - Just the way our bees made it!