What Do You Give A Beekeeper In 2020?

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Bees for Sale

BEES! Beekeepers Love Bees!! Lots of Bees!!! 

Bill's Bees sells Italian honey bees with known gentle genetics. Our bees are ideal for backyard beekeeping as well as for commercial beekeepers who take their bees to pollination.  

ORDER NOW! For Spring 2021 Delivery! 

Don't bee bee-less come bee season! 

The Complete Hive (Medium Box) Special is the best choice
and best value for backyard beekeepers.

Bills Bees Medium Box Complete Hive Special
Complete Hive (Medium Box) Special ($275) Bill's Bees uses commercial grade hive top, bottom board, and medium (6-5/8”) hive body containing: 6 frame Nucleus colony (4 frames brood in all stages, 2 frames with honey and pollen) and 4 additional undrawn plastic frames to fill out the box. These are gentle bees and the hives contain marked 2021 Italian queens with known gentle genetics. Complete Hive (Medium Box) Special 




Bill's Bees Complete Hive (Deep Box)

Complete Hive (Deep Box) ($350) Bill's Bees Complete Hive (Deep Box) is the Nucleus colony (described in Bees in Nucs). These are Italian honey bees with known gentle genetics and are ideal for backyard beekeeping in Los Angeles. A Complete Hive includes a 2021 VSH-Italian marked queen, a painted deep hive body, bottom board fastened to the box, and lid, plus 3 additional undrawn new frames, and 1/ 1/2 gallon frame style internal feeder to fill out the box. Complete Hive (Deep Box)



Bill's Bees Bees in Nucs
Bees in Nucs ($275) 5 Frames (Deep) or 6 Frames (Medium) Italian Honey Bees with a 2021 VSH Italian marked queen. They have known gentle genetics and build up abundantly for pollination. Great for backyard beekeeping and commercial beekeeping. Bees in Nucs







Bill's Bees Bees in Packages

Bees in Packages ($195) 3 lb. Italian Honey Bees with 2021 VSH Italian marked queen (w/attendants). These bees have known gentle genetics and build up abundantly for pollination. Great for backyard beekeeping and commercial beekeeping. (Price may increase on 1/1/19 for Bees in Packages.) Bees in Packages



Bill's Bees Queen Bees
VSH-Italian Queen Bees ($55) (marked) with their known gentle genetics are ideal bees for an urban setting for hobby beekeepers or commercial beekeepers needing to re-queen. Our VSH-Italian Queen Bees (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) are marked and mated. They come in a screened cage with attendants and are ready to lay eggs. Italian bees have been a favorite among beekeepers since they were first introduced to the New World in the 1850’s. They are known to be gentle of temperament, easy to work with, readily build comb, diligent housekeepers which helps them with control of wax moth and resistance to diseases, very prolific, wonderful foragers, excellent honey producers, with less tendency to swarm. VSH Italian Queen Bees


(We may have to adjust our prices in January when we find out 2021 queen prices from our favorite Italian queen breeders.)


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Thank you for purchasing your honey bees from Bill's Bees!

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