News 2015 — Italian Queen Bees

What Do You Give A Beekeeper?

Posted by Eva Andrews on

BEES! Beekeepers Love Bees!! Thousands of Bees!!!Bill's Bees packaged bees and nucs are Italian honey bees with known gentle genetics. These bees are ideal for Backyard Beekeeping in Los Angeles as well as for Commercial Beekeepers who take their bees to pollination.Pre-Order by December 31, 2015 and Save. The price of bees (TBD) will increase on January 1, 2016. Bees in Packages - 3 lb. $100 ~ Italian Bees with VSH-Italian 'unmarked' Queen (and attendants). Queen Marking cost $5. Packages available in April 2016. View Details  Bees in Nucs - 5 Frames (Deep) or 6 Frames (Medium) $175 ~ Italian Bees with VSH-Italian 'unmarked' Queen....

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Italian Queen Bees For Sale

Posted by William Lewis on

Our Italian Queen Bees are mated with known gentle genetics and are ready to lay eggs. They are ideal for the hobby beekeeper or the commercial beekeeper needing to re-queen.  Italian honey bees have been a favorite among beekeepers since they were first introduced to the New World in the 1850’s. They came to Los Angeles County in the mid-1850's and became the 'bee of choice' for local beekeepers. They are favored around the world. Italian honey bees are known to be gentle of temperament and easy to work with. They readily build comb and are very prolific. They are diligent housekeepers,...

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