Upgrade from Package bees to Nucleus Colony

Upgrade from Package bees to Nucleus Colony

  • $ 9000

By purchasing this product we will upgrade your existing order from: a 3 lb package of bees to a 5 frame Nucleus Colony (NUC)

We will remove you from our package pickup list and add you to our Nuc pickup list. Pickup date and details will change. You will receive new instructions for how to install your nucleus colony of bees and the new pickup date and details. 

Please provide your order number for your package purchase in the notes section of this purchase order, so we can ensure your order is properly and promptly updated.

If your order is for more than one package of bees, purchase for the corresponding number of upgrades is required. (e.g. if you want to upgrade your order of three packages to three nucs you must purchase 3 of this product)

For any questions please reach out via phone (818) 312-1691

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